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"I just recieved your incredible report - it is so exciting to me to learn all of the background you found. Thank you so much - it is great!" Lana, USA, 2008

 "It was such a delight to meet you. We really enjoyed your company. And of course, we are VERY happy about your research work for us. You have already changed our lives for the better! We just can´t thank you enough!"Bonnie, USA, 2008

 "Dick, many thanks for the update, it is much appreciated." David, Australia, 2008

 "Wonderful news! I´m so excited! Thanks!" "I´m still so excited about what you found for me!" "Thanks again for all you have done to help me! You´ll never know how meaningful all this is to us!" "The envelope arrived this afternoon! I´ll be staying up late tonight to read every word" "Dick - you are the best genealogist ever!!!" Chris, USA, 2008

"Thank you so much for the work that you have done already." Betty, Australia, 2008

"I´m really pleased to hear that you have discovered so much information. I am looking forward to receiving it!" "Your letter arrived today, a fantastic result!" Diane, Australia, 2008

"As always I have very much appreciated all your work and would happily give anyone a recommendation that they retain you." Bob, USA, 2008

"I´ve reviewed the report that you sent. It is very impressive!" "Wow, I´m amazed that you´ve been able to discover all of this information. How exciting!" Kelley, USA, 2008

"I am very happy with the research results you have been getting to me. Thank you so much for your work. I enjoy seeing my ancestor´s records." Carla, USA, 2008

"I want to thank you for the excellent research you did on behalf of our family, it is very interesting. Again, thank you very much for your research." Don, USA, 2008